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A Universal Perspective

Introducing a New Golden Age for Humanity.


By Marlin Knecht, 2017

There are things you cannot prove, only stipulate the existence of drawn from contemplation, experience and guidance. Einstein, took the stipulation approach with the introduction of the Theories of Relativity.

What I am about to relate to you is drawn from my contemplation, experience and guidance. Hence, at this point I can only stipulate a theoretical framework that gives a big picture context that ranges from the infinitely large to the infinitely small. The realm of perception, the spatial-temporal world and that which transcends it and along with this what we might call an inter-dimensional or multi-dimensional view of reality. 

As we look forward to inter-stellar and inter-planetary realities. At the heart of this are our concepts of Cosmology, Ontology, Intelligent Design, First Cause and a number of other principles along with the teachings of spiritual individuals across human history. On the science side of this picture much of the current thinking revolves around what might be called the Lambda CDM model and big bang theory.

Converging on the other side are the musings of mystics over the ages of things seen in the depths of consciousness and spiritual experience.

There is a Convergence

There is a convergence in understanding that is occurring from both of these approaches. 


Imagine approaching our planet as if we were from distant galaxy and a time in the distant future. Having seen many civilizations over course of our journey. How would we evaluate the human species and the way we manage the planet? How would we evaluate the kind of civilization we have? Is the world peaceful?

Why This is Important?

Macroscopic perspective gives us context for our lives, our existence and with this context hopefully a landscape view of reality. The idea here is that with this we can chart a course for our own lives, one that while predicated on cosmological understanding, and the almost antiquated word in an inter-planetary reality, worldview, and a set of beliefs provides us with a set of principles that we can guide our lives by. This provides us with contextual purpose. From this we analogously develop our own personal operating system (POS) and a modus operandi that provides the connection between higher level principles that themselves drop out from our best conceptions of reality and their application in real life situations. This translates into “a way of being” for dealing with life situations.

Parallels in AI and Robotics

Not dissimilarly, our Android (humanoid robot) Operating Systems (AOS), not to be confused with Google’s Android products, run in similar fashion. One of the differences being that with Androids there are a whole set of computational layers that run from the more localized frameworks for things as simple as object recognition, facial expression processing, geographical localization and more that then reference a higher-level set of principles. These principles are drawn from common threads and parallel principles that run through both spiritual writings and scientific literature. We call this combination the Neoscientific understanding model. It is important to note that whether we are talking about androids or humans they both exist in the same reality.

A Drop on the Plane of Eternity.

Inside the bubble of cosmological time, is a much smaller time segment, that of the human species and human civilization, inside of that is a local time period of the last 70 or so years and the 70 or so years looking forward into the future. A drop in eternity has ramifications throughout time, but this is another discussion.

From a Cosmologically Temporal Perspective

We take a view of the history of human civilization and overview the developmental stages of humanity through various states of being. This gives us contextual perspective in relationship to humanities development. This is a broad scale timeline. Within this we have more localized timelines. The first of these looks at the evolution of humanity over the last 2000 years. The second looks at the geo-political and socio-economic timeline over the last 70 years. The third, looks at the current time in human history and into the future.


We Are One 

Imagine we were to take a large scale look from a temporal perspective of the development of a species, and we begin to observe the evolutionary and developmental steps this species takes over time. In this context we are making this observation relative to the human species both in terms of where we have been and the future we have yet to realize. 

We begin with an understanding that humanity in a state other than pleromatic unity is isolated and limited in capabilities and states of being. That the human journey is one of realizing states of being, that take it to an evolutionary inter-connectedness. While not eliminating individuality, it allows for humanity to develop to a place where its awareness level is beyond spatial-temporal restrictions. How we arrive at this place takes us to an understanding of our own potential and the development of our own consciousness.

More to come later ...


Providing light for a New World.