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Braving The Elements

There are times when you are developing applications, platform components, websites, data sets, avatars, vehicles, worlds and so many other things that you feel like you are walking out of a storm.

Rational Data Services

The RDIM produces a full architectural stack that includes: hardware (desktops, laptops, phones, robotics), machine based operating systems (like Windows or iOS), web based operating systems (more than cloud computing- it's a full platform), a new full motion, virtual reality based, 3D layer in cyberspace, a new virtual democratic governance model and more. Our eco-system presents a whole new paradigm in platform based economics, a new digital economy and along with this a new set of layers in cyberspace that support the internet of things (IOT). We are the leader in 4th industrial revolution infrastructure and technologies.

Platform Component Development

We Do Platform Component Development - Platform components fit within RDI's web-based operating systems:

the U, I, WE and US platforms.

Platform Services

Media libraries
Data Sets
3D media libraries
Data Sets
Website Development

Standalone Service Offerings

Our Services Also Include ...

RDI offers a number of services to individuals, groups, organizations and governments. These are drawn from our own core work groups that support and leverage our 3rd generation web technology to build solutions that in turn build a better world.

These services include but are not limited to:

Platform Component Development
Research Services
Data Mining Services
Semantic and Data Grid Services
3D Modeling
MindSpace Development Services
Data Library Development
Business Block Logic Development
Solution Model Development
Management System Development
Website Development
Digital Property Development

Development Opportunities

Androids and Humanity

The Androids work with ours and other machine based operating systems and integrate with other multi-form factor hardware (desktop, laptops, tablets, phone and other devices) plus robotics hardware and Androids.

There are several opportunities to work with our Andriod (humaniod robot) development programs for accessories, clothing and tools. In a partnership with Rational Data International, Inc. and National Robotics, Inc..



Joining the Virtual Global Nation carries with it many benefits these include becoming part of a new planetary economy, health benefits as a citizen, voting and more.