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What is Nth Dimension?

There  comes a time when we learn that reality consists of more than just a three and four dimensional world. In time we learn that space, time, thought, energy and matter are not the things that we once thought they were. From this place we begin to see reality from a multi-dimensional viewpoint. Finally, we come to appreciate that there are higher dimensions, and dimensions beyond that and then even still more beyond that. This takes us to a place, a realization of something that some people would call the Divine or Source.

Between this realm and the next ...

There is a perceptual field almost like a drop of water in a 3D world, but is 3D all there is? Is perception all that there is? We think not, the story of humankind has been story of coming to realize this and emerging from the unreal to the real, from the darkness to the light.

There is a place where we come to realize that there are dimensions enfolded in other dimensions and still more beyond that and so on and so on, until finally we come to realize there is something we call the Nth Dimension. The role of this organization is bridging the gap between the unreal and the real the darkness and the light, and living from a place of Source. This impetus, gets turned into a plan, a set of blueprints if you will, that then get turned into actionable paths that are then implemented.