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Modalities and Platforms

Modalities, Genres, Platforms and Devices

Modalities, Genres, Platforms and Devices

In order to communicate this offering as efficaciously as possible we have made it available in as many ways possible, across as many languages as possible. This is a list of the platforms and devices link to DB.

Media Support and Documents.

1. Bluebook Series

2. Drilldowns

3. Supplements

4. Quawn Studios, BLP, WAO Network, RDIT, GTA, etc.

5. Videos and Tutorials

6. Movies and Series

7. Forums

8. Wiki’s

9. FAQ’s

10. Databases

11. In Platform Help Screens

12. Guide Assistance

13. RDIT Training and courses

14. SGCC - Organization

15. LTC - Organization

16. Blogs

17. News Sites

18. Social and Groups

19. Twitter feed

20. Buzz Feed

21. Pinterest

22. Video Platforms

Helping Platforms, Apps, Sites and Tools

1. Schools

2. Dating site

3. LightBook, etc.



Providing light for a New World.