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States of Being

Happiness and Love - Across the planet and across the ages, humans have realized a state of being that could be described as an emergent reality of happiness and love. This realization has been taught by spiritual teachers, scientists, mystics and others across geography and history. It is a ubiquitous concept found in all cultures and all places on the earth.

The Pieces of The Mission


Happiness and Love - Across the planet and across the ages, humans have realized a state of being that could be described as an emergent reality of happiness and love. This realization has been taught by spiritual teachers, scientists, mystics and others across geography and history. It is a ubiquitous concept found in all cultures and all places on the earth.

In times past, rights documents and others have referred to states of being with words like "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" (in the United States Declaration of Independence), and have articulated rights that protect and ensure a pathway for this pursuit.

Peace, possibility and plenitude are outcomes of the "unblocking process" that we undergo on the way to a deeper and higher realization of the reality of love. Usually this involves letting go of what is not working and moving more into what is working, and in the process moving to higher and wider states of consciousness; this leads to heightened states of being and a wider realization of both the self and reality. We call this process transformation – which brings a state of resolution in consciousness. With this come ever-deepening states of peace and ever-widening states of awareness, which in turn point to increased possibility. This possibility brings a sense of "plenty" plus "gratitude" that equals an internal state of plenitude. This, coupled with a "means of production," leads to externally-realized abundance.

Sustainability - one of the greatest challenges of our time is our ability to sustain current day standards of living or better for a planetary population within the context of current day resource consumption. We address this issue with our planetary management system in the context of planetary carrying capacity, Earth systems, life systems, Earth threshold boundaries and more.


Whether we start in the internal world, looking for ways to resolve internal unrest or restore peace in a relationship, or we start in the external world looking for ways to solve a problem, ultimately we end up in an internal process that we hope will lead us to solutions. The information universe provides a whole sphere of knowledge that allows us to start where we are – in any interest area – and we can use the infrastructure, tools, instruments and solution-finding processes provided to undertake this journey. RDI's architecture empowers people to solve problems.


How is this achieved? Perhaps a useful analogy is the therapist's office, where one can engage in internal work, problem solving, human growth, learning and transformation. Ideally, the therapist's office provides a safe space, or an environment for positive emergence. The therapist gives us tools and instruments, invites us to use specific processes, and acts as a facilitator. With these resources, we can undertake internal processes that can then be translated to bettering our external world and experience.


Good governance models, infrastructures and institutional models allow us to do this – or not – on a case-by-case nation-state basis. Prosperity, freedom, and relative states of happiness all thrive or fail to thrive under the umbrella of specific nation-states. In essence this umbrella (we call it a macro-structural envelope) either serves the purpose of the therapist's office safe space (or in economic terms, a "safe haven"), or it doesn't. In 2007 and 2008 this safe haven environment all but disappeared around the world. Although the situation has been stabilized, a new solution has yet to be put into place.

On another level, people either have tools and instruments – or not – to engage in the internal processes that lead to possibility thinking. This awareness, coupled with tools and instruments that allow us to build a "means of production," enables us to translate our possibility thinking into an externalized reality. This ultimately leads to physical world prosperity and internal states of plenitude (plenty+gratitude). It is from this place that love is often realized, and can emerge.


The Universal & Global Solution Models (USM and GSM) set up a macro-structural envelope (or protective umbrella) that allows a safe space for positive emergence to occur on a planetary scale – for all the people of the earth. In general, the structure of a macro-structural envelope is defined by rights documents like the U.S. Bill of Rights. In our solution model, these parameters are defined by the rights documents of the Virtual Global Nation, a new globally-accessible, open, bottom-up, democratic governance model designed to represent the voices of people around the world.

This is made possible by our new third generation web architecture. This same technology is also used on the individual, group, organizational and planetary levels to provide internal tools and instruments for changing perception (paradigm shifting, transformation and changing consciousness) and external tools and instruments that allow us to build a "means of production" to translate insight into a concrete reality.


The root problem around the world is that people don't have access to these tools and/or a protective umbrella where these processes can happen. We set out to solve this fundamental problem by addressing many of the root (or systemic) issues, such as the fact that today we have one of the highest levels of economic disparity in human history. In addition, we aim to provide solutions to these systemic issues on the individual, group, organizational, and planetary levels – and we are well on the way to accomplishing this goal.  

Here is the other issue: until these root problems are fixed, it makes it more difficult to solve a number of standalone, symptomatic or "exacerbatory issues" like food security, access to clean water, climate change, world hunger, and more. Our solution models actually empower people all over the world to do both. Read more about specific solutions here.


These components form a powerful dynamic that provides tools and instruments on the micro-level and a safe haven envelope on the macro-level, which together greatly empower the self-refinement and transformation processes that lead to peace, possibility, plenitude, and the realization of love for all people.


This is done through a new layer on the internet, which at this time is the most accessible interactive medium available in the world, and therefore provides these capabilities to the largest number of people possible: over three billion people. This technology is offered through all forms of hardware devices, from desktops to mobile devices. These devices, coupled with our Web-Based Operating Systems (WBOS), provide a gateway to this powerful new layer in cyberspace, which in turn empowers a planetary population toward global transformation.


We are working to close the digital divide and increase the number of people who have unencumbered access to the this new layer on the internet. Fundamentally, we believe this is one of the best means of giving people both a voice in their future and a means to solve problems, build businesses, and more.


Whether you are just curious, or you want to volunteer, start a career, or invest in our new land standard based on digital property, or you're interested in buying and selling virtual property – you can learn more about how this is achieved by checking out our Core Curriculum Class.


Joining the Virtual Global Nation carries with it many benefits these include becoming part of a new planetary economy, health benefits as a citizen, voting and more.