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Rational Data Industry Model (RDIM)

What we built has application on a planetary scale and beyond, you can learn more by checking out the Universal Solution Model (USM), which is inclusive of an inter-stellar and inter-planetary set of models. For this reason in order to support the number of techonologies and ecosystems we built, we needed to develop an industry model.

Rational Data Industry Model (RDIM)

Why Did We Build an Industry Model? 

We needed to address both systemic and exacerbatory issues on a planetary scale. Then we realized that in putting a complete new set of systems in place we needed to develop solutions that would work into the foreseeable future and work at an inter-planetary and even inter-stellar level. you can learn more by checking out our Universal Solution Model (USM), which is inclusive of an inter-stellar and inter-planetary set of models. For thise reason to support the number techonologies and ecosystems we built we needed to develop and industry model.

On the Planetary Scale

We invented and developed solution models that consists of new kind of governance, a new way to manage the planet, a new technology called the 3rd generation web - that consists of a full motion drive through internet, a semantic layer and a data grid layer which opens up a whole new information universe and a new digital economy. This overall offering supports multiple business cases as well as a strong social impact case.

Economic Volume


The economic volume of the internet is proportional to an ever growing population of internet users. Our new platforms and the new layer in cyberspace are akin to developing both the vehicle and the road that the vehicle travels on. This comprehensive offering introduces a number of new elements on the world stage and empowers a completely new digital economy.

The Rational Data Industry Model (RDIM)

The Rational Data Industry Model (RDIM) consists of over 40 public benefit corporations, social entrepreneurial and non-profit organizations that produce the full architectural stack of the USM and PSM. Profits from RDI market opportunities go to serve the greater good by supporting ongoing development of solutions for people around the world. The USM & PSM address both 'systemic issues' (i.e., infrastructure, governance, institutional models, check and balance systems ) and set up a framework to address 'exacerbatory issues' which are predominately driven by human population growth (i.e., food security, clean water, economic opportunity). The RDIM supports a vast array of  product and service offerings throughout the industry model.

The Virtual Global Nation

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